Tidmouth Beach is

Thomas with Annie and Clarabel at Tidmouth Beach.

a location in Sudrian Conflct. According to Turtlesandthomas' map of the North Western Railway, the beach is a popular tourist destination during the summertime. Many stores and restuarants are located here.


When Lewis Packard returned from being in the military, he sold his uniform at a shop called Sudrian Pawn here. Simon Johnson later bought Lewis' hat from the shop.

When Phil Aardman's father, Amos Aardman, came to Sodor, the two went out to eat at a restuarant on Tidmouth Beach along with Michelle and Robert Stewart. Later, Michelle met Daisy here. The latter began explaining some of her stories working on Sodor to Michelle, which gave her a posetive view on here new life. Robert Stewart once lost his military badge near here during the summer of 1955. After the following winter, Phil, Michelle and Robert went to the restuarant at Tidmouth Beach once again following Phil telling Sam Ruffey he no longer required his ballast.

Thomas and Ryan often can be seen taking passengers to and from Tidmouth Beach. Lady and Gordon have been seen taking trains here in the past as well.