Aardman Family

Stanley as a young boy

Stanley Aardman was the son of Phil and Michelle Aardman.

Bio Edit

Stanley Aardman was the second child of Phil and Michelle Aardman and the future controller of the railway.

From the time he is a baby, Stanley never shows much interest in the railway he was destined to run one day. As his father tries to show him how a railway works with toy trains, the baby never seems to pay attention, always looking off into the distance at something else.

This fails to change as the boy gets older. In "Fortunate Son", Stanley is an energetic, mischievous but well-meaning young boy who longs to do anything with his father except learn about the railway. While his father is showing him the mine run by the Arlesdale Engines, Stanley runs off and encounters some hippies, further illustrating the point that he is so bored that he will do anything to have fun. When Phil, seemingly clueless to this fact, reprimands his son for running off and asks him where he would like to go next on their railway tour, Stanley, frustrated himself, cries out "The park!" and runs off again.

In "Runaway" Stanley runs away from Phil and his family, causing his family great distress, especially to Phil, While Stanley is missing, Phil vows to be a better father to Stanley is he is found.

In "Sins" he was shot in the head by Stephen Johnson.

Appearances Edit

  • Season 4: Sheep's Clothing (does not speak), Fortunate Son, Runaway & Sins (does not speak, death)

Voice Actor Edit

  • Mikester Paltoes