Sodor Day
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date March 12, 2015 (remastered version), August 1, 2014
Dates of Episode May 1-2, 1945
Written by turtlesandthomas
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Sodor Day is the first episode of Sudrian Conflict, and the first episode of Season 1.

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The episode opens to a flashback, in which two Kings of old battle for supremacy.

The Date is May 1,1945. The citizens of Sodor are gathered at Maron Park, when an announcement is made over the radio that Adolf Hitler is dead, and World War Two will soon come to a close. Sir Topham Hatt and the citizenry bask in the new found world peace, and the tune Der Furher's face is played in celebration. During the tune's duration, a montage of railway operations on Sodor is shown.

After the song ends, the Fat Controller boldly predicts the summer of 1945 to be the best in Sudrian history. After he says this, a strange car screeches into the park. The driver throws a chain around a knight statue in the park and proceeds to drive away. Stunned and surprised, the Fat Controller pursues the car in Bertie. The two discover the car and statue abandoned in a cow pasture near the Skarloey Railway.

At the transfer yards, Fritz McCloud waits for his bus home. While he waits, he notices a masked figure is attempting to steal the statue of King Godred. He attempts to aprhend the man, but is shot by the masked figure after he warns him to stop interfering.

The Next Day, Thomas inquires as to the meaning behind this action. The Fat Controller informs Thomas of King Maron and King Godred, two kings who ruled the East and West sides of Sodor respectively. The two eventually fought, with Godred defeating Maron. After explaining this, Sir Topham Hatt laments that this was a political statement, and that is was unlikely to truly effect matters. For the second time, Sir Topham Hatt had no idea what was to become of summer of 1945.

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  • Sodor Day is the only episode of Sudrian Conflict to have been remastered.

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Sudrian Conflict Sodor Day REMASTERED

Sudrian Conflict Sodor Day REMASTERED