Sam Ruffey

Sam C. Ruffey was the owner of S.C. Ruffey & Co.

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Sam built a truck to haul ballast for the North Western Railway, naming him S.C. Ruffey on the suggestion of a young Charles Hatt. He greatly valued S.C.Ruffey, and the truck served as a mascot for his ballast company. For many years his company was the sole provider of ballast for the railway, at which he insisted that S.C.Ruffey be kept in service despite his troublesome nature. However, after learning S.C. Ruffey was damaged beyond repair after an accident on the Little Western Mr. Ruffey ceased his business relationship with Phil Aardman and the North Western Railway.

The next summer his secretary comes in and tells him that she didn't see the bill from Phil, and Sam told her that he,"broke it off". Until he was told that Phil was one of their biggest clients as he bought tons of ballast from their company. At first Sam didn't believe this until he was told how much money they brought in since the summer, (£3.42) upon realizing his mistake, he heads down to the Arlsdale Railway Construction Site to find Phil and the workmen working on the ballast chute, and tries to get Phil to do buisness with him again, but Phil turned him down. So he leaves saying that Phil will need him again.

And with the Arlesdale Railway running now, Sam had no choice but to shut his company down. Reflecting on his past, he found a stick of dynamite, took it to the Arlesdale mine, and used the dynamite to commit suicide. The explosion also destroyed the mine that had effectively replaced him.


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