is a purple E-2 who was brought to Sodor in 1954 to fill in for Thomas' absence.

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Ryan struck an alliance with Stephen Hatt and stayed on Sodor after Arthur back was damaged. Soon when Stephen became the controller, Ryan was asked to pull Annie and Clarabel, sending Thomas to Packard and Sons. When Phil was bailed out, he went to Packard and Sons to have Jeremy Packard come with him to Sodor. Not long after Phil arrives back on Sodor, Ryan finds himself in cahoots with the Order of Cas-ny Hawin and their malicous intents. After the detonation of their doomsday device goes arwy, Mason hijacks Ryan as a means of escape. Thomas and Phil follow behind in pursuit, managing to save Ryan and apprehend Mason. After this incident, Thomas forgives Ryan for his actions following the ordeal, and after some negoiating and a nominal fee, Ryan is purchased by Phil Aardman to work on the branch line alongside of Thomas. 

Following the events of Ryan the Quarry Engine, Ryan recieved his own set of coaches to use on the branch line. 

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  • In Thomas & Friends, Ryan is a GNR N2. In Sudrian Conflict, he is an E2 like Thomas. This may be due in part to the fact that Ryan's Wooden Railway model is simply a repaint of Thomas'.