Lady was the former private engine of the Duke and Duchess of Boxford.

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Lady served as The Duke and Duchess' private engine before Spencer. She was well liked and adored by the other engines, expect for one. This engine, Diesel 10, was envious of the attention Lady recieved. One night, while Lady was working at the Quarry, Diesel 10 snuck up behind her. He grabbed her with his hydraulic claw, throwing her over the cliff into the sea. Her remains remained missing for many years.

Until one day in 1945, Lady's remains were washed up on the shores of The Docks, where Diesel 10 and Andy found her. They both took her to the Transfer Yards where the other steam engines seeked refuge with the Skarloey Railway Engines. Upon hearing the loud noise Duke decided to investigate, only to find the two diesels with Lady's remains, telling the old engine that it would soon happen to the other steamies, Duke enraged told the two engines to leave him and his friends alone, forcing Andy and Diesel 10 to retreat back into the tunnel.

After Andy and Dodge were destroyed by Diesel, and the other diesels were sent away, (Minus Paxton) Lady's remains, along with Edward, Gordon, and Diesel's remains the make a statue of Diesel for Maron Park to honor those who had lost their lives during the conflict of 1945.

Trivia Edit

The deceased model of Lady was made from an old Take-Along Lady, with the face cut off, front magnet removed, and covered in model rust to resemble damage from being in the sea for so long.

Appearances Edit

  • Season 1: Modernization Marches On(Appears in flashback, Does not speak) Early Days (Flashback, Doesn't Speak)
  • Season 2: The Oiler Committee (Flashback, doesn't speak) Scrap Engines (Courpse, Doesn't speak) Authority (Courpse, Doesn't speak, Flashback)
  • Season 4: Ryan the Quarry Engine (Flashback cameo), and Ballast (Flashback only, Doesn't Speak)

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